For your safety all showings will be private, all players must wear masks, and in addition to regular cleanings, we are providing disposable gloves to reduce contact with our props.
Cryptic Quest Escape Rooms

Cryptic Quest Escape Rooms

Cryptic Quest has the most unique escape rooms in Columbus designed to give you an incredible experience jam packed with adrenaline inducing excitement. Bring a team and explore the Temple buried deep in the heart of Cryptic Quest or attempt to challenge the Wizard for his power. Either way your team will have to work together and find clues to solve puzzles in 60 minutes to conquer the scenario and escape the room... Do you have what it takes?

Wizard Tower Escape Room

Escape Room Info: Wizard Tower

Maximum players: 8

Cryptic Quest Escape Room Difficulty Rating

Abracadabra Alacazam! You and your team break into the High Wizards tower to acquire five wands that contain the source of all elemental power. Right when you get your hands on them all, Colloportus! The doors close behind you and the wands disappear from your hands. You have one hour to re-capture the wands and escape before the Wizard returns to put a spell on you! Let time behold your fate!

Temple Run Escape Room

Escape Room Info: Temple Run

Maximum players: 10

Cryptic Quest Escape Room Difficulty Rating

A new temple has been discovered!!! As you and your expedition team explore the ruins, suddenly there is a loud ”BOOM!” A trap has been sprung! Rocks start falling from above and your group is separated. You and your fellow explorers must use various forms of communication to solve the ultimate puzzle of survival. You will have only one hour to escape before the temple completely collapses. Otherwise, you will be buried with your treasure! *This room has a minimum requirement of 2 people.

Ghosts Gold Escape Room

Escape Room Info: Ghosts Gold

Maximum players: 6

Cryptic Quest Escape Room Difficulty Rating

Bartholomew Barnaby was one of the greatest treasure hunters of his time. Before he died he locked away his vast wealth somewhere in his mansion. It can only be accessed with a special code. Over the years nine experts attempted to speak to Barnabys ghost. One of them succeeded. You have 60 minutes to figure out who spoke to Barnabys ghost and get the code before the ghost returns and the treasure is lost forever!

Cryptic Quest Escape Columbus
Cryptic Quest Escape Columbus has the most unique escape room in Columbus.

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